Modular Architecture & Piloting software

Green Manufacturing

Forever use and no need to replace the whole system is the future of green product. Module design is important factor for green product. For easy tracking the modular components stability, enhance the quality in each sections. Also it can reach the target of easy maintenance, quick replacement of each modular to extend the life cycle of whole product, therefore, no need to through away whole machine and reach the green product’s target to create a forever machine. All of the components modular can also join together for installation in unique automation system.

Modular design and easy integrated automation technology are the key factors for SoonMark product in worldwide market. We put our patent to each modular components in the special design to easy integrate to a whole system, by the way, these modular components also can let the customer easy to control each parts stability and quality to make a forever system in green technology.


High Stability
Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance
Extend the life cycle
Integrated with automation module
Pin marking machine module
Main-module Sub-module
Marking Head Mechanism module
Motion module
Sensor module
Controller Power supply module
Controller module (software included)
Driver module
LCD screen module
Laser Marking Machine
Main-module Sub-module
Laser Head Scanner module
Laser source module
Controller Power supply module
Laser control modules ( software included)
Laser source module
LCD monitor module